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Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Medical Information (2022-23)

Wabash College is a fully vaccinated campus, therefore we expect our alumni, parents, 以及客人在来校园参加活动之前要全面接种COVID-19疫苗. 

For more information on the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, please visit the CDC website.

Important COVID Documents COVID Pass App

COVID-19 Check-In App:   Download for iOS/Apple   Download for Android/Google Play

General COVID-19 Information (2022-23)

关于COVID-19的最新信息的最佳来源可以在以下网站找到 CDC website and the CDC FAQ page. We recommend you bookmark these pages for easy reference. Submit Wabash-specific questions via email.


Disclaimer: 这些常见问题可能会根据CDC的指导进行修改, the Indiana Department of Health, the Montgomery County Health Department, as well as the incidence and prevalence of COVID-19 at the national, state, or local level.

Campus COVID Protocols and Recommendations

Why is Wabash requiring vaccination against COVID-19?

As a community that values close, face-to-face interactions, COVID-19疫苗接种是提供充实校园体验的最佳机会. The American College Health Association recommends COVID-19 vaccination requirements for on campus students.

Does the College make an allowance for unvaccinated individuals?

学生-使用他们的沃巴什电子邮件地址-可以联系学生副主任 Heather Thrush 申请医疗或宗教豁免表格及提供文件的指示. All exemption applications will be reviewed in a timely manner. Employees should contact Director of Human Resources Cathy Metz to request an accommodation.

I had COVID-19. Does that exempt me from the vaccine requirement?

基于既往感染COVID-19获得的COVID-19免疫申请豁免, 员工或学生必须向沃巴什学院提交在员工或学生身上进行的实验室测试的结果,该测试已被联邦食品和药物管理局批准,并在沃巴什学院申请豁免之前的感染中指定.  To obtain this application for exemption, students should contact Heather Thrush and employees should contact Cathy Metz.

What should I do if I develop any of the symptoms of COVID-19?


Wear a mask around others.

Arrange for testing. 

  • Students should contact the Student Health Center or email for guidance.

  • 教师和工作人员应联系他们的初级保健提供者以获得检测方案.

  • 在等待考试结果的时候不来学校或工作.

Monitor your symptoms and report using the Wabash COVID Pass app.

Faculty and staff: Contact Cathy Metz 和/或你的上司讨论是在家工作还是请病假.


Students: What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19?

Covid-19检测呈阳性的学生将在检测呈阳性时得到学生健康中心的建议.  Students who test positive off campus should notify at the time of their test and when the result comes in for guidance.

Employees: What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19?

Review the guidance on the CDC website and use the Isolation/Quarantine Calculator.

Notify Cathy Metz 和你的上司讨论是在家工作还是请病假.


Here are the guidelines as of January 8, 2022.

When and where do I need to wear a mask on campus?

People may choose to wear a mask at any time. 出现症状、检测呈阳性或接触过COVID-19患者的人应佩戴口罩.


Wabash College requires students and employees to receive, at a minimum, the primary series of an FDA or WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccine. 澳彩强烈建议每个人也接受疾控中心建议的至少一种加强剂:

在临床记录的COVID-19感染(在医疗环境中进行测试)后90天内也被认为具有免疫力, not a home test).

I am vaccinated. May I still wear a mask?

Yes, 许多接种过疫苗的人会选择戴口罩来保护自己或无法接种疫苗的家庭成员, particularly when the community transmission is high. If you see someone wearing a mask indoors, 把它看作是对你自己的一种邀请——为了成为一个负责任的公民,永远要犯错.

How can I get tested for COVID-19?

Please contact your primary healthcare provider; many can provide same-day test results. Rapid tests are also available at local pharmacies. 

The Montgomery County Health Department does testing; appointments are required. You can find more information through the MCHD website.

Employees: Someone in my household has been diagnosed with COVID-19. What should I do?


Consider the size of your group, the meeting space, the function of the meeting, and the preferences of the involved individuals. If one of the goals is connection, it is better to meet in person. 如果会议主要是看文件或者有人处于特殊危险中, consider meeting on Zoom.

If you choose to meet in person, 找一个通风良好的地方,并考虑与会者的危险因素. Remember, anyone should be allowed to wear a mask at any time.

What are the protocols for hosting visiting speakers?

主持人在决定是带一个演讲者来校园还是带一个演讲者来校园时,应该考虑以下几点. having them participate via Zoom:

  • 这个人在场的教学优势是什么? 

    • 促进讨论比进行讲座有更大的教学优势.

    • Networking with the speaker is better accomplished in-person.

  • 学校里还有其他人想和校园演讲者交流吗?

  • Is there a cost and time savings that make a virtual visit better?

  • 有没有单独的方式来询问说话人的接种情况? (邀请函中应该提到“澳彩是一个全面接种疫苗的校园”,并引导演讲者前往 College's COVID-19 page.)

  • When in doubt, contact the Healthy Campus Task Force.

我已经接种了疫苗,刚刚被告知我是一名COVID-19病例的密切接触者. What do I do?


过滤系统已经升级到校园各处建筑的MERV等级更澳彩网网站的过滤器. 通过最大限度地通过暖通空调系统引入新鲜空气,并在下班时间保持通风,通风得到了加强. 沃巴什还没有安装电离系统或其他未经证实的技术, 相反,选择专注于已证实的技术,最大限度地提澳彩网网站换气率. 定期进行CO2和气溶胶粒子浓度的空气质量测量采样.

Where can I get vaccinated?

要想知道哪里可以接种疫苗,最快的方法就是使用 CDC’s website and enter your zip code. Persons in Indiana can register for a vaccination through the Indiana Department of Health website. 许多疫苗接种地点在营业时间内提供疫苗接种,无需预约.

Will Wabash accept vaccinations from other countries?

是的,只要它们被世界卫生组织批准用于紧急情况. 该学院将帮助希望接种美国批准的三种疫苗之一的国际学生, 但这些学生应该先到学生健康中心报到.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

The CDC vaccination page contains answers to most questions. 如果你在那里找不到答案,或者有更具体的问题,请发邮件给沃巴什